Hey! I'm Maxine


I help female coaches and course creators scale their businesses with strategic Facebook and Instagram advertising. I'm here because I believe my purpose is to use my strengths to serve you, so you can have more opportunity to use yours.

When I discovered the world of paid social advertising something just clicked. I think that's because running successful ad campaigns requires equal parts art and science. I am highly analytical as well as creative, so being able to use both sides of my brain makes this job truly enjoyable for me.

I have a strong passion for empowering and supporting women business owners. Rather, I believe it is my calling. Prior to starting my business, I spent 6 years in various finance and marketing roles at multi-billon dollar corporations. Over those 6 years, I had 9 bosses and only one was a woman. That is a big reason why I am here today. I do this so you can successfully grow a business that aligns with your passions and purpose, and gives you freedom and flexibility in your lifestyle.

 I also have a bachelor's degree in applied economics and management from Cornell University. I am from New York, but currently live in North Carolina with my husband Jeff and pup Chester. Other than run ads, I love yoga, the beach, baking, and just spending time with my family. 

I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to work with such amazing women and help them achieve their goals. If you are looking to reach new heights in your business so you can continue to grow your income and impact, you are in the right place. I can't wait to learn more about you and your business!

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